Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Matcha Blender

Matcha Blender 
     I started drinking Matcha instead of my morning coffee a year ago and love it! It gives me a little bit of energy without the crash or jitters I would get from coffee. This summer I wanted to switch up my matcha so I decided to make a refreshing matcha blender. It was so good I started looking forward to it each morning when I got up, almost as much as I used to look forward to coffee. I love to enjoy my drink on my deck in the sunshine while my son has a smoothie, it's become one of my favorite times of the day!


Matcha Blender


1 cup coconut or other milk

1 cup Ice

1 tsp maple syrup ( or more to taste)

1 tsp matcha, I use the Organic Jade Leaf Matcha brand


1) Place all ingredients in a high speed blender, or smoothie maker and blend until smooth!


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