Thursday, August 13, 2020

Easy Iced Matcha

Easy Iced Matcha

     The first time I heard about Matcha was about 15 years ago. I was at a local coffee shop and my friend's boyfriend ordered it and then went on to explain the complicated way in which it was prepared with a bamboo whisk in a bowl. The whole process seemed more than I wanted to deal with at the time so I never attempted to make it. When I started drinking it myself I found out a prefer it iced and there is a lot easier way to prepare it by shaking it! I have even saved some empty jelly jars with lids to make tiny matcha shooters to have as an afternoon pick me up! 

6 oz water


1 tsp Matcha, I use Jade Leaf Organic Matcha

1/2 tsp Maple Syrup or more to taste

2 oz coconut milk or milk of your choice


1) In a mason jar add the water, ice cubes to almost the top of your jar, and maple syrup.  You want to make sure you leave a little room for the coconut milk! 

2) Place the lid on the mason jar and shake the jar until the matcha is well mixed.

3) Top with the coconut milk and stir to combine.

If you find the Matcha flavor is too strong for you, you can use 8 oz total of coconut milk to make a latte instead!


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