Monday, March 2, 2020

Pepperoni and Beef Pasta Bake

Pepperoni and Beef Pasta Bake
I have been making this dish for ten years or so, mostly when I would need to take a meal to another family. I have had many people ask for the recipe and I haven't ever written it down because it's so simple, yet so delicious!
     Most of you probably know I can't have this right now, but once I can have tomatoes again it will be one of the first things I make!

Pepperoni and Beef Pasta Bake


One 12 oz package of Jovial Foods Gluten Free Pasta ( you can use other brands but this one turns out the best in a pasta bake)

One 24 oz Ragu Traditional Pasta Sauce (I know it's not fancy but trust me, it tastes so good in this!)

One package of pepperoni

One pound of ground beef

8 oz shredded mozzarella cheese

parmesan for sprinkling on top


Pre-heat oven to 350

1) Cook the pasta according to package directions in a large pot( minus 2 minutes, the pasta will continue to cook in the oven.)

2) Brown the ground beef and sprinkle with salt to season

3) Spray a 9x13 pan with olive oil or non-stick spray

4) Drain the pasta and add the pasta back to the large pot. Stir in the pasta sauce, 6 oz of the mozzarella  cheese, cooked ground beef, and half of the package of pepperoni.

5) Pour the pasta mixture into the 9x13 pan.

6) Top the pasta dish with more pepperoni and the leftover mozzarella cheese.

7) Bake uncovered for 25-30 minutes until bubbly.

8) Sprinkle with fresh parmesan to serve.

This can be made ahead of time, put in the 9x13 pan and stored in the fridge. The baking time will increase to 45 min up to an hour because the mixture is cold.


Note: I have doubled this recipe before and it works great! The key is making sure you have enough pasta sauce so it doesn't dry out. If you use more pasta make sure you add another jar of sauce!

I have also added sliced olives and canned mushrooms before to make it taste more like a supreme pizza!

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