Monday, November 11, 2019

Hosting a Gluten and Dairy Free Brunch

Hosting a Gluten and Dairy Free Brunch
(that no one will notice is gluten and dairy free!)

     I recently hosted a baby shower brunch for my sister-in-law Janine. I knew that a lot of the family members attending could not eat either gluten, dairy, or both. My brother was one of the first people I knew who ate a paleo diet. He felt a lot better eating that way so he and his wife eat mostly paleo at home. Although on special occasions I know they make exceptions. I thought it would be fun to make sure all the food at the shower was gluten and dairy free so everyone could enjoy it!

     I started by writing out a menu that I thought would be easy to make gluten and dairy free, but  that also could be made ahead of time. I love hosting parities, but have learned over the years that I need to get most of the cooking done early so I can enjoy the day of the party!


     Build your own dairy free yogurt parfaits
    (simply set these items out right before the shower)
      - cute little cups to serve the parfaits in
      -So Delicious Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Milk Yogurt, it's my favorite and has a great texture!
      -berries and pomegranate pearls
      - grain free granola, I bought the Coconut Grain Free Granola from the Good and Gather brand at        target, but  you can also use any store bought gluten free granola.

     Paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake
      My favorite coffee cake is from Real Food with Jessica. The crumble on top is so yummy and the
      texture is great! I asked one of my sisters to make this and bring it since she loves baking!
      Link to the recipe:

     Sausage and sun-dried tomato breakfast casserole
      I used my own recipe from my blog for this and just left out the cheese. I love the addition of 
     sun- dried tomatoes in an egg casserole. Just make sure you mix them in the with hash browns or
     cover your dish with foil during cooking or the sun-dried tomatoes will burn! I cooked the sausage
     the night before and put it in the refrigerator, so that in the morning I just had to put the casserole 
     together and bake it.

   Drinks and Extras
     *For drinks I served coffee and an iced dairy free almond milk latte from Califia Farms. The almond milk latte was a hit!

     *I also added some extra fruit and Trader Joe's Vanilla Meringues for those wanting something sweet. 

     I didn't get a picture once all the food was set out but this was my set up! It was so easy and so delicious!   There wasn't a lot of food leftover and I saw a lot of women go back for seconds of the yogurt parfaits! 

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